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Befittingly, Aphofis is concerned with the most comprehensive ways of keeping you and your Home Office or Small Business Secure, Free from Virus attacks and so much more. Your Data protection is the most important issue that a Home Offices and Small Business needs to focus on!!


Aphofis operates on the 'one degree of separation' ethos.

 You need to be introduced to us by and existing client or receive an invitation from us by either casual or business type interactions!

If you can access the DNS record of this site and find our email address that is also one way to meet us.


Aphofis is different!


We do not offer individual PC Security via software application as we believe data security starts at the Modem and Ends at the Desktop – Not the other way around.


Trying to maintain software firewalls and virus checkers on every desktop is cumbersome, difficult to administer whilst never really protecting you against malicious content whilst slowing your PC to a crawl.


The only people who can actually understand software firewalls are highly skilled technically people who have an extremely good knowledge of the communication Protocols within the TPC/IP group.


Software firewalls are not made to be user friendly, they attempt to but the reality is they need to be setup by a technical person and maintained the same way.


Today’s software firewalls pop-up requests ask for you to allow or deny 'something'

Do you currently answer back Yes or NO or do you follow the standard

“Yes” (Recommended)


If anyone knocks on your front door do you invite him/her in and can you tell if this person is in reality about to burgle your home?


Aphofis can also help you to secure your Small Business or home with wireless + night vision, surveillance cameras that simply connected to the Internet!


The security cameras are normally set-up to only record when there is movement; we don’t want to store hours upon hours of nothing!


 We can advise you on how you can achieve this without cables or wires and without data recording boxes. - We can do all that monitoring for you but would rather you have control over your own visual data!


We advocate the use of powerful Hardware Firewalls which utilise their own processor and own resources well before the data hits you Desktop AND with little or negligible effect on data speeds.

We often suggest using a Unified Threat Management (UTM) System to manage all data from the Internet whilst checking for viruses in real-time and enabling the ability to effect protection before the data hits the desktop, without slowing the Internet!


An add-on CD can also fully automate the creation of a VPN connection on just about any Windows Based O/S!


Sounds unbelievable? – It's not – It's a stark reality and once in place you will never have to purchase next years' security protection as UTM's continually update Virus Definitions, Update Intrusion Detection Signatures for the years yet to come at very very little cost!


Once we send you in the right direction, your net-admin can completely manage your whole security via 1 PC, in-house or over a secure VPN!


If you aren’t big enough to have either a contract Net-admin or Full/Part-time net-admin; OR we can do this for you!


We can also set company standards for casual Internet Access – For example if you want to give your staff access to their Internet Banking, between 1300-1400, M-F; a simple policy exemption made in the UTM Policy is easy.


You can make casual internet access to hotmail and gmail either unavailable or you can decide to permit access between 1700-1800 and 0800-0900.


What ever your Business Policy about private Internet Access can be enforced/granted in line with your policy on Internet access and usage.


A UTM system is not effected by changes that may come from faster Modems in the future as this hardware sits after the modem and is never redundant


A UTM Hardware Device – Just is and will continue to be, this year and in 5 years time and you will never have to update the software on any of your desktop you have!


If you already do have a UTM and want us to make sure that treats are acted upon; we can manage the Data Analysis of the System log, for you.


We never want to have remote access under any circumstances, but if required we can securely email your Net-admin to tighten security policy in the event of a system log alert.

Alternatively we can use a secure VPN connection from us to you, but VPN's are not without their own set-up difficulties